Hair Inspiration

Earlier I posted about some hairstyles I was considering for the big day. Here’s a refresher:





Unfortunately I think the wreath look might not work with my new dress. So I am doing what I thought I would never do again and am trying to (gasp!) GROW MY HAIR OUT.

Ugh, I know. Long hair does not look good on me. But the hairstyles I’ve found that would look good with my dress are all pulled back. I figure I can deal with long-ish hair for 10 months. And if I can’t, I will chop it off and be back where I started. No biggie. Right now my hair is just above my shoulders, with the rate my hair grows I figure I can get it long enough to pull back and do something like this:

Image                  Image

Source for both photos

Or this:



Or who knows, maybe I’ll get some extensions and go crazy:



In other news, we will be heading to Great Falls this weekend to find our caterer. We will be visiting two local BBQ joints (yum!) and I will let you know all about our findings early next week. I’m sure they will be delicious.


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